Are You...

  • Experiencing marital difficulties?
  • Separating or Divorcing?
  • In need of post-divorce help?

Collaborative Family Law is a unique way of practicing law where lawyers for both parties are committed to reaching a fair and balanced agreement without going through the court system. By working closely with you as both legal advisors and negotiation coaches; issues are settled in an efficient, cooperative manner.

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  • Negotiate in a principled, dignified and respectful manner
  • Ensure full and complete disclosures of all important information
  • Explore as many options for settlement as possible
  • Resolve family law disputes without going to court or threatening to go to court
  • Reach creative resolutions that best meet the goals and priorities of both parties
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Who We Are

Our membership consists of Lawyers, Financial Advisors and Counsellors who have received specialized training in Collaborative Family Law.

They are committed to working as a team so that both parties reach the best settlement possible.

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