The Benefits

In Collaborative Family Law, a team of collaboratively trained experts with specialized skills and information are available to help manage the emotional and financial aspects of your separation. In addition to a legal professional for both parties, your collaborative team can include financial and family planners.

The ultimate goal of the Collaborative Family law approach is to lead both participants to a resolution that offers a healthy, hopeful perspective for the future.

  • You negotiate without the threat of going to court
  • The emphasis is on cooperation, not confrontation
  • The process is relatively fast and efficient, and therefore less costly (both financially and emotionally) than traditional litigation
  • The entire process is confidential, unlike court where the process is of public record
  • Full disclosure is required by both parties
  • The Settlement is acceptable to both parties, rather than one that is imposed upon them by a judge

For many, the Collaborative approach is a welcome alternative to the often destructive, uncomfortable and lengthy aspects of traditional litigation. Couples that have decided to separate or divorce are able to create solutions that best reflect the needs of their family.

If you think that Collaborative Family Law is the right approach for you, or if you would like more information regarding the Collaborative Process, please contact one of our members.